Media Uploader, Videos and Audio Files

Happy Friday Helio!

Today we released a new media uploader! You should see a few small updates to the interface.

New uploader interface. The new interface will allow us to add some cool new features for you in the coming months (like your prototypes). This is a building block for more advanced features on the roadmap.

Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 10.31.11 AM.png

Ability to add video and audio files. We moved this feature out of beta and made it available for everyone. It's great for testing video reactions, onboarding videos, podcast ads, or sales pitches.

Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 10.53.20 AM.png

Let us know how it's working for you!

Sort it Out


Hello Helio! It has been one awesome summer of Helio launches and we may have saved the best for last Card Sort! This highly requested and anticipated question type will round out our collection of List Question types, joining Multiple Choice, Max Diff, Ranking, and Point Allocation.

  • Lightweight and customer focused sorting. Helio is built for speed. While conducting our initial research we found some people like to have panelists sort up to 100 different cards - that's a big time investment and could fatigue panelists! We chose a limit of 25 cards to keep the question lightweight and easy for your panelists to provide you with high quality answers.


  • Open, Closed, Hybrid oh my! We considered releasing each variation separately but we quickly saw that releasing them together would be more beneficial to the Helio community. This added a bit of scope to our build and ultimately was the best choice .
  • Drag it! We considered more out of the box approaches (like leveraging tapping, similarly to ranking) we felt that a drag and drop experience was the truest form of digital card sorting. The big question - would it work on mobile. We prototyped it up quickly and started to get a sense that indeed, drag and drop still seemed effortless on mobile devices.


  • All the data! With Open Card Sort potentially having a large variety of panelist data, we looked to leverage our dropdown chart pattern in the report view from our new Ranking question. We chose to default to a similarity matrix for closed sorting, while looking at the top 3 categories per card (since open card sort could create 100s of unique items).


We’re beyond excited to bring Card Sort to Helio and cannot wait to see it in action. Let us know what you’re testing or if you need help getting started!

Get to the Point (Allocation)!

8-13-2020 V1.png

Hello Helio! We’re excited to announce our latest addition to our list question types, Point Allocation! Adding Point Allocation to Helio was no brainer for us because it aligns so closely to Ranking. Point Allocation and Ranking both are objective question types that introduce little risk for bias to sneak in because of the subjectivity of the questions.

What differentiates Ranking from Point Allocations is how a participant places value to an item, instead of ranking items based on preference, they’re allocating points or dollars for a specific purpose.

What made Point Allocation a seamless addition to Helio was that we already did a lot of the learning with our Ranking and MaxDiff releases. Here’s what makes Point Allocation a valuable part of our List question types:

  • Step and type options. We took a dual approach to allocate value to an item. The stepper can work better for smaller increments, while the ability to type in larger or more precise numbers ensures participants don’t become fatigued.


  • Customization for the win! We’ve learned from previous feature releases that the ability there is to customize the better. This carried over to Point Allocation as well, by giving the test creator the ability to assign the number of “points” as well as what the points are equal to. In our example points are equal to dollars, you could also use time as well.

Custom .png

  • Comprehensive charting. We’ve included five ways to display data in Point Allocation questions and the ability to seamlessly shift between them.


We’re excited to bring more ways to collect quantitative data. Point Allocation will be a valuable tool in any teams’ toolbox!

Gettin' Rank 😎

Hello Helio! Our summer launch party continues, and this one is high on our list as one of the most anticipated releases to date. We’re talking about Ranking, one of the most valuable ways to learn from customers!

7-28 2.png

Rank Order questions are great when you’ve already done some initial research and are ready to present specific items or features to customers that need to be prioritized by their preference. Here’s what you can look forward to in this release!

  • Custom labels. We know from experience how frustrating it is when you’ve pictured exactly how you’d like to ask a question, only you can’t get the words down. We’re not messing around and made the Rank labels completely open, giving you the flexibility to ask your questions how you want. of course, we have defaults available for you to get started!

  • Participant friendly. We never want Helio to stand in the way of your participants. When the tools get in the way of the learning, the learning suffers. We’ve made sure that Rank Order questions are intuitive & easy to answer.


  • Data at a glance. Rank Order charts are a powerful way to gauge customer preference based on our 100 point system. Viewing customer’s preferences in this Ideal Rank makes it easier for teams to plan upcoming features or campaigns. Rank Order can also be a valuable tool for operations or HR teams.

Rank Data.png

We’re so excited to bring another way for you to learn from your customers to Helio. We’re sorting out our next release now, hint, hint. We’re looking forward to it!

Meet MaxDiff 🤵

Hello Helio! We’re very excited to share our newest question type in the Helio toolbox, MaxDiff! This new addition is a powerhouse when it comes to learning preference or perceived importance of items on a list. MaxDiff is incredibly valuable for everyone within the organization from design & development to marketing, sales, even HR. The possibilities are endless!

MaxDiff smol.png

Using MaxDiff will give you valuable insights and help you learn from customers without having to parse extra data from multiple questions. Ultimately, your research should push work forward, not hold it back. Here’s some of what we think makes MaxDiff a super valuable question type.

  • Making the trade-off to get to truths. Asking customers to make a trade-off between features unearths relative truths really quickly. When learning what’s most important and least important to customers companies know where to invest time, talent, and resources.


  • Benefits many teams. We mentioned that MaxDiff is very versatile and many teams can benefit from using MaxDiff to learn from customers. Some highlights include prioritizing features or function, what marketing messaging resonates with a customer, and what a customer’s focus is when making the decision to purchase.
  • Save time - get succinct answers. Using multiple questions to gauge preference of perceived value is time-consuming. MaxDiff removes the need for multiple steps, using a single question to gauge preference across multiple areas at once.

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 8.18.29 PM.png

This update is something we’re super excited about because it will help your team become even more efficient with your surveying so you can spend less time parsing through and synthesizing data and more time making better products for customers. 💜

We Like(rt) You, A Lot 🤗

Hello Helio! We love talking to YOU, learning about you, and how your teams work together really helps us in developing Helio. We have some amazing friends out there who take the time to tell us what they think. We also have some amazing customers who love Helio and want to see it grow to be successful. That’s what makes our update posts so fun, we get to say a great big thank you to everyone who helps make Helio special.
V6.png Our latest update is dedicated to our customers and is all about customization! We took a look at the most popular question type, Likert, and we’re ready for you to make it your own!

  • Customize your scale. We’ve added a customized option to our Likert question. This will allow you to create the scales you’ve always dreamed of, even use emojis! Don’t worry the original Likert questions are still there too.


  • More than a number. Using a number scale doesn’t always capture the correct sentiment when learning about how likely or not a panelist is to perform an action. Customization allows you to zero in on specifics without having to compromise your question or creating a Multiple Choice question.
  • Make it fun! With customization, your tags can go beyond words and into the language of emoji. Using emojis can allow you to tap into gauging feelings, more visual audiences, or even younger people (with parental supervision).


This update is something we’re super excited about, a huge thank you to our Helio super fans that helped make this one happen. We dedicate this release to you!

All We Need is Love

Hello Helio! We’ve been experiencing some incredibly profound times these last few weeks; a pandemic, quarantine, injustice and unrest. Our team believes in creating good work that helps us and our customers connect. We believe in love and want to give you the power of love.

Helio Update 1.png

Our most recent update is packed with a whole lotta love, it’s basically an 80’s ballad.

  • Can’t help falling in love (with your customers). Find an answer that hits those high notes? Give it some love! Hitting the 💜 on an answer in Helio sends an email to that responder letting them know, anonymously, that their answer was really helpful. This spreads good vibes and over time encourages your customers to keep providing thoughtful and meaningful answers.

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 5.58.54 PM (1).png

  • Love Will Keep Us Together. Collaboration is important when learning from customers. When sharing your tests with internal team members the 💜 surfaces the answers you find are most insightful to other members of your team. Your team members will also be able to spread the love by 💜ing the answers too. Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 4.12.37 PM.png

  • Will You Love Me Tomorrow? Another added benefit of 💜ing the answers your customers give you is the ability to filter by all your favorite answers and come back to them later.


Making human connections builds a better community. We’re excited to provide a way for you to show some love to the people that help make your products better. The next time you run a test, find those answers that resonate with you and best align with your product's story and put a 💜 on it.

Try Helio for Free! 📣

Hello Helio! May has been an amazing month for updates. While some folks were perfecting their at-home baking skills, we were perfecting Helio’s Onboarding experience. Our goal has always been for users to see the power of Helio as easily as possible. Now, with the inclusion of free responses for Open Audiences, you can share your tests with whomever you’d like, and then delve into the data in our report view. We’re excited to share our new, simplified experience!

Our Freshly Baked Updates! 👨‍🍳

  • The first 50 Responses are on us 🥖. We want you to jump into Helio and be able to run a test. To unleash the piping hot power of answers, every new account receives 50 free responses from your Open Audience to get you started. It’s like getting a free appetizer for the table.

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 12.38.33 PM.png

  • Uppercrust Audience selections 🍞. Going back and forth in menus can be nerve wracking and tedious. If I go back, will I lose everything? We removed two unnecessary modal views and added a familiar dropdown selection pattern that aids you in selecting the best audience for your test. This allows you to swap between audiences without having to go back a screen or sort through pop-ups.

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 11.20.43 AM.png

  • Rolling out fixes 🥯 . We kneaded out mobile layout issues in the test create and purchase flows. Made more specific error messages making them more useful. Lastly, we've added the Audience selection to our side navigation to clarify the steps of test creation.

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 11.11.22 AM.png

You butter believe we’re excited to make the power of Answers and Audiences available to everyone! We want you to be able to try Helio’s Enterprise features because having access to feedback from our audiences of real people that match your ideal customers makes your product something your customers feel connected to.

Navigation Update

Like a Covid-cut it feels really good to have some new flow.

Hello Helio! Much like the rest of the world we’ve been in quarantine and you know what they say about idle hands. We resisted having a go at our quarantine-mane with the craft scissors in our junk drawer. Instead we set our sights on something we’re qualified to makeover; our Navigation!

We’ve been pushing updates to our marketing pages over the last few months and thanks to many of you, they’re looking better than ever. With all the iterations we quickly outgrew our top nav, it was looking neglected and inconsistent.

The Navigation was always on our to-do list, it was the “and if we have time” item. The cherry on top of our homepage sundae. We’d daydream about how awesome it would be, how the logo would be balanced and the menu would be clean. It would pull the whole page together and delight our customers. Only we never “had the time”, until we made time!

This week we said “Enough! We need a haircut to complete the Navigation.” Here’s how we transformed our top nav; inside and out.

  • Focused on quality. As we dug in, we realized that we had some alignment issues. Our sign up/sign in buttons, our logo, and our menu were all trying to do something different. It was especially noticeable on mobile. So we began to develop rulesets.
  • Pushed past the pixels. Lowercase logos are tricky to center, so we focused on the x-height to create the correct balance. We also have a big ol’ “O” at the end of our wordmark, which made us consider our kerning. We avoided a cold, mathematical approach to spacing our typography, and pushed past the pixel for a more optically pleasing alignment.
  • Delighted ourselves! Once our designs reached the hands of our developer, even more magic was unleashed with some amazing transitions and logo animations. We updated our SVG logo by splitting it into individual paths for each letter. This allows us to do fun animations like when the navigation changes color, we flow the letters in progressively. If you want to know how the code works, let us know.



We’re beyond happy with the current iteration and are already thinking about even more ways to take it to the next level.


Default Audiences: Keeping the Momentum Going

Hello Helio! We heard a lot of great feedback our most recent Answer release. This past month, we’ve been adding the extra polish and enhancements to your experience. We made a small, and pretty impactful change that you might have noticed - defaulting the last audience when you create a test.

We’ve seen our Enterprise customers sending out hundreds of tests over the course of a project. To help you get your tests out even faster, your previously used audience and panelist count automatically gets added when you create a test - saving you one more click!

We’ve got a lot more in store for you this month! Have any feature requests or just want to say hi? Drop us a line at

Happy testing!