Hot Take!

Welcome to the new take flow. We've visually polished everything, making test taking easier and improving your data reporting in a big way.

Here's what we did:


  • Visuals from the future. Who wants to take tests in a clunky outdated interface? Nobody. Questions are now easier to navigate and make sense, achieving maximum context retention. Animations, shadowed edges, even color vibrancy has been improved to keep your testers engaged.


  • Button proximity to actionable items is now closer. People have expectations about buttons and their locations. Now, everytime users click an option on the screen, buttons are waiting directly under it. Right where it should be.

Free Response zoomies.gif

  • Zooms that make sense. We made it easier for testers see the content they're reviewing by integrating a zooming feature on the same answer window. Not only is this a fun and easily viewable interaction, testers can always take another look before they answer.


  • More accurate follow ups. Sometimes testers can forget their response before answering the follow up question. We've now included all responses (even click and preference) right next to the tester's follow up question.

Click + Ending.gif

In Conclusion:

  • Beautiful interface keeps users engaged and invested.
  • Buttons are closer to answers, making interaction faster and more confident.
  • Images and answers on the same page, enabling zooming for deep inspection and more context.
  • Improved context on likert, NPS and Multiple Choice questions by showing testers what they've chosen, enabling improved follow-up responses.

That's it! We've burned every ounce of midnight oil we had bringing Helio past the times and into the future. We love what we do, and can't wait to see how you use Helio to take your designs into the future!

The Helio Team

Pin & Win!

Ever been in a situation where you wanted to randomize multiple choice answers, but not all answers? Perhaps, keeping the first and last choices always first and last?

Check this out!

You can now pin answers in multiple choice questions!

"But why?" we hear you scream. It's important to randomize multiple choice questions. Some respondents are unknowingly drawn to answers located in the middle of choices, overall response data may reveal certain answers standing out as more popular than others. This is especially true for vague questions or questions respondents may not know the answer to.

To counter this phenomena, randomizing your multiple choice answers is key to success!

Here's how to add pins to your Multiple Choice questions:

  1. Choose Multiple Choice test type
  2. Fill in some options
  3. Choose "Randomize Choice Order" (pins aren't visible without this option)
  4. Observe "Pins" on the right of each question
  5. Choose pins that should stay where they are in the list (not randomized)

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 10.18.01 AM.jpg

Helio will randomize all other choices but keep Pinned answers in place! Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 10.20.54 AM.jpg We're excited to share all Helio improvements coming down the pipeline. Keep your radio dialed, lots of updates coming soon!

The Helio Team

Guten Tag! The Tags Feature Is Here!

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 3.13.10 PM.jpg

We're super excited to announce Helio Tags, which allow you to search for Projects, Tests, or Observations across your entire account! Just visit your Dashboard and click the search bar at the top right to jump in.

Imagine that you need data on a test you ran a few weeks ago, and you can't remember what project it was in. Find what you need in seconds by typing keywords used in the test! All results will be shown from most to least relevant, making it super simple to find what you're looking for.

Additionally, any and all words used in the "Tags" section of making a test will be fully searchable from your Helio dashboard! Make sure to add some relevant keywords to make searching easier in the future!

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 3.30.18 PM.jpg

We're super excited to keep making improvements to Helio that improve your workflow and remove friction from the process. Stay tuned for HUGE updates coming in the near future!


Google Single Sign-on Now Available!

That's right! We've integrated Google's Single Sign-On functionality into Helio to make signing in and signing up EASY!

Don't worry, your existing Helio account is auto-magically linked in the background, the struggle of remembering usernames and passwords is a thing of the past! Thanks Google!

Your security minded friends,
The Helio Team

The Incredible Bulk Hide!

We've introduced a new feature that let's us refine responses with a fine-tooth comb.

Say you're targeting a specific Advanced Audience and want to make sure the responses still fall within the advanced audience segment. Try asking a preliminary filter question on your test, select a filter that you want to exclude, and bulk hide the filtered outlying responses with a single click in the Bottom Bar! Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 2.38.20 PM.png

We're excited to continue to lead the way people design connected product and services! Keep an eye out for even more new features in the near future.

The Helio Team

Disable and Regenerate Share URLs


Toggle Sharing

You can now disable sharing on both projects and reports. By toggling sharing off the share link token will be immediately disabled. You can reenable the share link by toggling the slider. This does not change the share URL, it only disables/enables it.

Regenerate Share URLs

Share URLs can also be regenerated to revoke access via the previous tokenized link by clicking on the "Regenerate Link" icon. A new URL is issued and can then be shared. This works for both project and report levels.

Modifications to share links at the project levels impact share links at the report level. If you disable sharing on project. Sharing is disabled for every report in that project.

Happy sharing!

Say Hello to!

You may have noticed Helio has had a slight change of address from to Fear not! All of your previous links will continue to work.

Here's a few reasons for the change:

  • It's a web app! This a new TLD specifically for apps like Helio!
  • It's short and memorable! With addresses like and it's hard to forget!
  • Built with security in mind. As usual, we've been consistently ahead of the curve with security. All .app domains require HTTPS.

Have any questions, issues, or comments around these changes? Email us at our fresh new email address [email protected]!

Slice and Dice ‘Em! Start Segmenting your Lists!


We’re proud to announce our latest Enterprise Feature...Segmenting Lists! On Monday, we released our feature focused on fine tuning and retargeting Lists in Helio. Here are just a few of the things we’ve included in this release:

  • Creating A Segment! It’s super easy to segment. Just select a list, click on create a segment, select some attributes to target, and… viola! You can send a test directly to this subset of users.
  • Embed and Landing Page Integration. Now you can collect attributes directly through screen questions that you can include on your own website or post via social media. This makes for a hyper-focused audience to gather feedback from!
  • Broad Visual Updates, Including New Tooltips. We’ve been honing in on a ton of visual updates since our last release, and we’re especially excited about our hot new tooltips.

Have any questions, issues, or comments about this release? Email us at [email protected] so we can help you out!

Introducing a Fresher Helio.

On Tuesday, we released our first visual update of Helio since its conception. We focused on improving information architecture, visual consistency, and updates under the hood. Here are a few things that you’ll notice:

  • A New Top Bar. We simplified the top bar to three core areas:
    • Projects. Here you’ll find all of your projects and tests.
    • Lists. As an enterprise user, you’ll be able to manage your internal lists to send tests out to your specific audience.
    • Teams. As an enterprise user, you’ll also also be able to manage teammates within your Team Account.
  • Fresh and Clean. We brightened up the colors to make the experience a little more crisp and pleasing on the eyes.
  • Clearer Metadata. We’ve made information like number of total responses and number of filtered responses clearer.
  • Test Statuses. In a report view, you’ll now be able to clearly see what stat your test is in, with a description, as well as actions you can perform (copy, order more responses, etc…)
  • Design Insights Are Now Observations. As we’ve been honing in our Advocacy methods at ZURB, we’ve updated the terminology of how we record data within the app -- we’re calling these Observations which are used to get us to Design Insights.
  • Security Updates. We’re staying up-to-date with the latest patches for the Meltdown and Spectre exploits as well as updating to Ruby 2.5.0.
  • Improvements Under the Hood. We’ve also moved to a more sustainable flexbox approach the CSS and improved the underlying architecture for the app. Updates can be released faster than ever!

The Helio Team is really proud of the new updates and want to make sure we’re delivering the best experience for you!

Have any questions or issues? Email us at [email protected] so we can help you out!

First Week of Dec (Bugfixes)

Hello World,

This week we're back to report some exciting progress in Helio-land. We've been on a bug-hunt this past week whilst getting the product ready for some exciting new feature releases (more on this coming soon!). Until then, satisfy yourself with some awesome improvements made by the Helio team:

First, the totals:

Closed 42 issues

Merged 29 Pull Requests

  • Duplicate Participants There was a rare issue whereby a participant was duplicated. Our engineers have tracked down the issue and have resolved the problem.

  • Registration . We noticed an issue last week where a user was unable to create an account due to the case formatting of their email. This problem has since been fixed.

  • The 'Take' view. There was a long standing bug where the Take view would sometimes have a half gray background when the image exceeded the size of the viewport. All is now well.

  • Form Elements. We did a pass on our form elements to make sure all were aligning properly, and had the proper uniform styles applied.

Having any issues? email us at [email protected] so we can get it fixed!

No published changelogs yet.

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