Helio release notes
Helio release notes

All We Need is Love





Hello Helio! We’ve been experiencing some incredibly profound times these last few weeks; a pandemic, quarantine, injustice and unrest. Our team believes in creating good work that helps us and our customers connect. We believe in love and want to give you the power of love.

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Our most recent update is packed with a whole lotta love, it’s basically an 80’s ballad.

  • Can’t help falling in love (with your customers). Find an answer that hits those high notes? Give it some love! Hitting the 💜 on an answer in Helio sends an email to that responder letting them know, anonymously, that their answer was really helpful. This spreads good vibes and over time encourages your customers to keep providing thoughtful and meaningful answers.

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  • Love Will Keep Us Together. Collaboration is important when learning from customers. When sharing your tests with internal team members the 💜 surfaces the answers you find are most insightful to other members of your team. Your team members will also be able to spread the love by 💜ing the answers too. Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 4.12.37 PM.png

  • Will You Love Me Tomorrow? Another added benefit of 💜ing the answers your customers give you is the ability to filter by all your favorite answers and come back to them later.


Making human connections builds a better community. We’re excited to provide a way for you to show some love to the people that help make your products better. The next time you run a test, find those answers that resonate with you and best align with your product's story and put a 💜 on it.