Helio release notes
Helio release notes

Get to the Point (Allocation)!





8-13-2020 V1.png

Hello Helio! We’re excited to announce our latest addition to our list question types, Point Allocation! Adding Point Allocation to Helio was no brainer for us because it aligns so closely to Ranking. Point Allocation and Ranking both are objective question types that introduce little risk for bias to sneak in because of the subjectivity of the questions.

What differentiates Ranking from Point Allocations is how a participant places value to an item, instead of ranking items based on preference, they’re allocating points or dollars for a specific purpose.

What made Point Allocation a seamless addition to Helio was that we already did a lot of the learning with our Ranking and MaxDiff releases. Here’s what makes Point Allocation a valuable part of our List question types:

  • Step and type options. We took a dual approach to allocate value to an item. The stepper can work better for smaller increments, while the ability to type in larger or more precise numbers ensures participants don’t become fatigued.


  • Customization for the win! We’ve learned from previous feature releases that the ability there is to customize the better. This carried over to Point Allocation as well, by giving the test creator the ability to assign the number of “points” as well as what the points are equal to. In our example points are equal to dollars, you could also use time as well.

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  • Comprehensive charting. We’ve included five ways to display data in Point Allocation questions and the ability to seamlessly shift between them.


We’re excited to bring more ways to collect quantitative data. Point Allocation will be a valuable tool in any teams’ toolbox!