Oct-Nov Bugfixes

This past month the Helio team has been focused on making Helio a more pleasant experience for all it's users. To do this, we've doubled-down on our bug crushing.

First off, lets look at it by the numbers:

  • Closed 39 Issues
  • Merged 103 Pull Requests

Here's a sample of bugs that were crushed last month:

  • Filter Panel - We notices some issues with the narrowness of the panel causing it to wrap. FIXED
  • *Report * The image of an uploaded question was appearing twice. FIXED
  • Multiple Choice Follow up questions weren't showing up. FIXED.
  • Payment Modal Back button was leading to an empty state. FIXED
  • Response Count Was being miscalculated on the "flag" dropdown. FIXED.
  • Text Truncation Some labels, titles, and questions were being truncated prematurely, or not at all. FIXED.

Your bug not fixed? Email us at helio@zurb.com