Helio release notes
Helio release notes

Play to Your Audience





Helio Audiences give you the power to connect with the consumers or professionals that interact with your company everyday.

Helio's new Audiences page gives you a big picture look at what participants you can gather feedback from.


On the Audiences page, you will find 2 types of respondents that you can tap into: Our Participants and Your Participants.


Under Our Participants, you can utilize a Basic Audience, Targeted Audience, or Advanced Audience with an Enterprise account. You will also find Recommended Audiences that are available for your team to start testing with immediately.


Under Your Participants, you can use a Shareable Link in a Pro account, or start setting up a List, Intercept, or Screener if you have Enterprise access.


Check out our Help Center article on the Audiences page to get the full breakdown of what you can do here!