Helio release notes
Helio release notes

Sort it Out






Hello Helio! It has been one awesome summer of Helio launches and we may have saved the best for last Card Sort! This highly requested and anticipated question type will round out our collection of List Question types, joining Multiple Choice, Max Diff, Ranking, and Point Allocation.

  • Lightweight and customer focused sorting. Helio is built for speed. While conducting our initial research we found some people like to have panelists sort up to 100 different cards - that's a big time investment and could fatigue panelists! We chose a limit of 25 cards to keep the question lightweight and easy for your panelists to provide you with high quality answers.


  • Open, Closed, Hybrid oh my! We considered releasing each variation separately but we quickly saw that releasing them together would be more beneficial to the Helio community. This added a bit of scope to our build and ultimately was the best choice .
  • Drag it! We considered more out of the box approaches (like leveraging tapping, similarly to ranking) we felt that a drag and drop experience was the truest form of digital card sorting. The big question - would it work on mobile. We prototyped it up quickly and started to get a sense that indeed, drag and drop still seemed effortless on mobile devices.


  • All the data! With Open Card Sort potentially having a large variety of panelist data, we looked to leverage our dropdown chart pattern in the report view from our new Ranking question. We chose to default to a similarity matrix for closed sorting, while looking at the top 3 categories per card (since open card sort could create 100s of unique items).


We’re beyond excited to bring Card Sort to Helio and cannot wait to see it in action. Let us know what you’re testing or if you need help getting started!