Helio release notes
Helio release notes

We Like(rt) You, A Lot 🤗





Hello Helio! We love talking to YOU, learning about you, and how your teams work together really helps us in developing Helio. We have some amazing friends out there who take the time to tell us what they think. We also have some amazing customers who love Helio and want to see it grow to be successful. That’s what makes our update posts so fun, we get to say a great big thank you to everyone who helps make Helio special.
V6.png Our latest update is dedicated to our customers and is all about customization! We took a look at the most popular question type, Likert, and we’re ready for you to make it your own!

  • Customize your scale. We’ve added a customized option to our Likert question. This will allow you to create the scales you’ve always dreamed of, even use emojis! Don’t worry the original Likert questions are still there too.


  • More than a number. Using a number scale doesn’t always capture the correct sentiment when learning about how likely or not a panelist is to perform an action. Customization allows you to zero in on specifics without having to compromise your question or creating a Multiple Choice question.
  • Make it fun! With customization, your tags can go beyond words and into the language of emoji. Using emojis can allow you to tap into gauging feelings, more visual audiences, or even younger people (with parental supervision).


This update is something we’re super excited about, a huge thank you to our Helio super fans that helped make this one happen. We dedicate this release to you!